I’m in a Book Club.

There are only two members. 

One is 36, one is 13. 

He picked the first book. 

“Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie” by Jordan Sonnenblick. 

It’s amazing. It’s the story of an 8th grade boy…it is the kind of story that hurts to read, but is so worth reading. Because it deals with real life stuff- and reminds us that Middle Schoolers aren’t exempt from grief or heartache. 

It’s the age where we really realize our parents aren’t perfect, that they can’t solve everything, and that really unfair things can happen to the nicest people…It’s the age of life where being uncomfortable in your skin comes and rests for a while. Where you are growing and changing and somedays you can tease back, and other days the teasing hurts your feelings. And you have no idea why. 

It’s the age where you want to be seen. But sometimes just want to be invisible. 

I love my book club. 

I love my teenager. 

I embarrassed him a lot last week, but he came into my room after he’d finished and told me to read our first book. 

“I can’t wait to talk about it Mom.” 

I didn’t cry when I read the book. But I did cry after he said that. 

I’m in a book club. 

Ps. If you have a teenage boy- this is Great book!