Today was our only day this week with mostly nada. And I felt it, as my body relaxed and the spinning circles of times and schedules slowed– and now all I want to do is sleep. So I tried to be kind of effective.

 I sat under the sun and let my face feel the amazing Vitamin D. I kept score for Micah and Daniel’s back yard baseball game. I kind of worked out. I kind of did laundry. I kind of weeded. And as I’ve been attempting to kind of write today I know my tiredness is coming to play- as I pray and the Bible verses all seem to run into each other. 

And then I stumbled across Chronicles. And started to read genealogy…and name after name. It is amazing how well they kept track of families. Reading it is like talking to my grandma, she always talks to me as if I know people and tells me who they are related to, and which road they lived on. It is one of my favorite things about her. 

So I’m hoping this will kind of make sense…we don’t really know much of our history these days. I’m not meaning the big things, but the little details that come down to names and stories. Often, we know some details. But how often do we take the time to really learn about who we are. Who are children are becoming. And who we have come from really. And rarely we focus on the right now. 

As these names swim, I was listening to my kids talk and I realized how often I tune out the real. How often I miss the little things…which may be the big things. So I had a kind of moment and I decided that though we are right smack in this crazy stage of very busy I need to focus take my eyes off the calendar, and focus and listen for the stuff that matters. And see things. Not allow my busy to let the important details swim by. 

So maybe I’m tired. And maybe this didn’t make a lot of sense. But the details in the real can tell us things. And if we stop and listen, sometimes we really see. And it’s kind of important.  

To God be the Glory.