Where did April go? I blinked and this month flew by…

I’ll have to admit that I haven’t been the best friend recently. Because I’m working, volunteering and watching a lot of baseball. And at the end of the week I’m pretty fuzzy- but I know where my kids are and I am loving this season of life with them. Even though I am exhausted. 

We conquer and divide, me and Dyp hitting however many games are on any given night. He is in his white truck and me in my suburban. And once in a while we get to end up at the same place. And usually are the last to leave. 

So here’s to nights where he gets off on time, and we leave a game at the same time…where I stare at the blurry picture and realize we are right in the middle of a beautiful messy-crazy-busy season of parenting and kids.  And I am thankful for that. 

Also I’m glad that thIs blurry picture hides the fact that three people in this photo are peeing…revolution of real yo.