Anyone want a used boot? 

Worn for almost four weeks for an ankle fracture. 

Worn by a 5’4 kid who was trying to dunk a basketball, and came down on his heels. 

But was with his best friend. Who is also 13. But is 6’3. 

A trampoline may have been involved.

His Mother may have almost taken a chain saw to the trampoline.

His Dad may have caught her…and stopped the awesomeness.

Him getting hurt wasn’t awesome. 

It was the first time he got hurt that he didn’t cry. 

Which kinda broke my heart a little bit.

Anybody need a boot? 

It’s been worn on the beach, and camping. 

It’s been used with crutches.

And without. 

It’s traveled through the Oregon Caves.

It’s been used raking a baseball diamond. 

He never cheated. And wore it every day. 

Anybody need a used boot? 

A boot that missed out on six baseball games, but showed up to every one. 

That stood on the sideline and cheered. 

But never got to play. 

Anybody need a used boot? 

It’s had a lot of wear already. 

And I’m sure was ran in, when I wasn’t looking. 

It’s been worn by a boy who is changing everyday. 

Who walks the halls different than the boy who walked in the doors the first day this year.

Who lost a friend this year. Who he thought was his best friend. 

Who found out who his true friends are. 

Who learned that there is a reason why gossip hurts. When you’re the subject.

Who is changing, and I can’t stop time.

Who feels things, that I can’t make better.

Today he’ll play baseball.

Today he went to school. 

Tomorrow will be a new day and different day. 

One thing I know…
Middle School Sucks- just as much as it did when I was there.

Even for boys.

But there are good people who make it easier.

Growing up hurts. 

And sometimes I wish there was a boot I could put over his heart to protect him. 

He’s still my little boy. 

He’ll always be my son. 

But he’s gonna get hurt.

And will have to learn to heal…

And won’t need me as much,

But will still need me a lot. 

Each day I have to let go a little more, and each day I ask God to protect him a little tighter. 

I think this watching my kids grow up is fracturing my heart…

Anybody want a boot?  

*Pony and Zebra not included with free boot- but adds a little something extra to the picture…according to a little girl.