Aging is hard. Period. 

Soon I will tell you about our weekend, celebrating with our Italian Relatives, and celebrating the Amazing life of my husbands Great Uncle Tony. A World War II Vet, a Father, and all together amazing man. 

Soon I will tell you about our trip to the Oregon Caves, another place to etch off our Experience Oregon bucket list we’ve made as a family. 

Soon I will tell you how my husband just walked right in, and loved his cousins. Some of their lives are so incredibly different…but  the love is still there. I am so thankful to have married someone who values family as much as I do. 

Soon I will tell you about how everyone commented on how Italian Curly looks. How Daniel worked the room with every adult- and knew most by name. How my teenager is growing and is so exhausted and may be feeling more like a teenager. It took Grace no time to make a friend with her fourth cousin Elliot, and show every single relative her fancy earrings she got from her Grandma Joan. 

Soon I will tell you all of these things…

But today I will just saying Aging is hard.

In the past three months we have visited Granni four times. In that time she has fallen twice, broken her neck, and been hospitalized for pneumonia, and to a rehab place for her neck. My Mother in Law Joan has been incredible through it all, supporting her Mom. 

Granni has started calling the boys, One- Two- and Three, and calls Grace “Shoobie Doobie Doobie Doo.” 

Two weeks ago when we saw her, my husband fed her bite by bite, and today she was eating in the lunchroom with her seatmates. 

We were so proud of her. 

Each time we see her is a gift. She tells me each time how much she prays. 

But it is also a reminder that aging is freaking hard. It’s not easy to watch, and even harder to go through…

She is incredibly resilient.  But also is very very tired…and today a little cantankerous. Because as we helped her up from lunch she told us and everyone around sitting at lunch that if her Doctor didn’t take off her neck brace this week…

“I’m gonna cut off his balls.”

She’s almost 98. 

I looked at my boys who looked absolutely shocked.

I looked at the little old ladies sitting there…and saw nothing…they can’t hear anyway. 

And my husband…well, he had never looked more proud. 

When you’re almost 98, that’s as real as it gets. 

…If you’re gonna age…be real. 

We helped her back to her room and I saw something else, her “Shoobie Doobie Doobie Do” swung her legs on Granni’s walker. 

She’s got that quintessence in her. She’s got Granni’s Magic.  That piss and vinegar! That fight. That faith. That Love and Fire. 

…I love it. 

Absolutely. Completely. Love Real.