No baseball game today. 

No practice today. 

I didn’t work out. Yet.

I didn’t finish laundry. Yet.

I spent two hours doing a necessary but stupid errand. 

I took a nap. And a half. 

I snuggled with Daniel. 

I don’t really want to write today. 

Because I feel my words are soggy and wishy washy. 

I feel like wearing sweats. 

And being a little sad. 

I just want to text my friend Dana. Who will quote 80’s music to me and agrees Lionel Ritchie was all stalkerish in “Hello.” 

And maybe I’ll go for a walk in the rain. 

It’s okay to have days where you just only do things half way. 

Tomorrow will be better. I just know it. 

Somedays are just rained out. 

And the only solution is sweats, a good cry in the shower, and a diet dr pepper…

And the grace of a God who allows me to just be half way there…oh oh.