Jonah started a few weeks ago but today was opening day for the other two boys. 

I had, have a blog of my real written about today but I just couldn’t hit publish…yet. Somedays are like that, and today I got to see two of my boys faces light up on the field.

Baseball is magical. 

We are a baseball family. 

We look forward to the season. All year. 

Even a few days ago, Jonah’s team was being beat pretty bad and the parents on the other team started cheering for our boys. My second baseman is still injured so he sat in the dugout but I could see the boys resolve slowly start to deteriorate, and then the parents did too…

But there’s me, I’m still yelling and saying “you’re still in this Irish!” (Ps we SO weren’t) but I kept rallying to the parents “this is what they make movies about!” 

And maybe that’s why we love it so much. 

I love grass stained pants, no matter how many times I wash them- I love what they stand for. A game played hard. I love how unpredictable the game can be, and I love that my boys have fallen in love with it to. 

Because seriously if they played basketball and I had to sit inside a gym I may lose it.(props to you basketball families, love the game, just not every weekend).

Someday they may quit. Someday they may decide its not for them- but I will relish the time and magic we have right now! 

I love Jonah’s team, and his coach. I love the families I huddle with in the cold and how much we laugh. I love listening the team tease each other, as their voices crack and change and they are transforming into men, but are still just boy enough. 

I love seeing Daniel, who hit a double today, and try to steal third, and while he got out…he showed the risky side I absolutely love about him. He gives his all, even today, catching briefly with an banged up thumb. And mostly I love seeing him cheer for his teammates. 

And Micah…I love watching him catch and run, and hit out there with his curls coming up over his cap. But the thing that I held tight to was him looking for me and saying “Hi Mommy” on first base, and waving to me from the outfield. 

And our Grace…makes friends at every game, and never ever complains. And maybe someday will come out of retirement and play a sport again…though I know she’s lettered in twirling. 

Baseball is a game of highs and lows, mental and emotional… today…was a low day for me, but watching my kids today, play- even when it wasn’t perfect, showed me that when you’re in the game- be ALL in, cheer for each other, and always look to the person that loves you. No matter how you play. 

They believe. In you. They know. You. 

Baseball. The greatest game ever.

My kids. The greatest thing I’ve ever been a part of. 

For them…I’m ALL in. 



*Daniel hitting his double taken by my friend Luke.