Today I’m home with a sick little one. Sickness comes even if you have plans…in fact it doesn’t care if you had plans or work, or meetings.

And life keeps going. And work keeps happening. But my world has to freeze, because I have a sick kiddo and he needs me. 

He only wants me when he’s sick.

“I just want you Mommy.”

Which is special and hard all at the same time. 

So today my real is being a Mom. I had to ask for help, and cancel things, and get a sub, and spent the day right next to my son. And canceling and asking for help is really really hard for me. 

Life keeps going. And what matters most is happening right here. 

And the part of life that can’t wait doesn’t matter when the big picture is the small round face who needs to know that he’s worth canceling everything for. 

How often do we put so many things in front the things that matter…the little things and the big things. How often do we waste time on the things that don’t matter?  

Meanwhile not focusing on our faith, our family, and people that need us.

 Sometimes what matters is just being present, and being willing to just…be…here. Which is special and hard all at the same time…but also beautiful and life changing. 

I’m here. Right here.