Age 6.

Favorite color. Pink. Purple. Sparkles.

Favorite recent term: For Real Life…

Grace: Mom, today in the bus Chase and I held hands.

Me: Grace, we don’t have boyfriends and girlfriends.

Grace: Well, we held hands.

Me: Ok- but you understand, no girlfriend/boyfriend, smoochie stuff- you are too little.

Grace: Mom I want you to listen to me closely…look at me- it’s not a smoochie thing. sometimes…people…just…hold…


(Watching Katy Perry on the super bowl)

Grace: I don’t think she knows the trick to makeup. Less IS more.


Grace: All babies should hear you are so so so cute! And don’t smoke. And always stay with a grown up that you know, and stay away from strangers, because even though they look nice they could be bad guys.


Me: If you had to choose today what do you want to be when you grow up.

Grace: A babysitter.


Grace: I’m going to have 600 kids. Or maybe four. Two boys, and two girls. And one more stinkin’ kid who will be a boy. And I will just love them.


Grace: You should never write on yourself. Except I do. So maybe just once in a while.


Grace: Eat healthy food like strawberries and candy.


Grace: Everyone needs God. And a home. And to smile…God is in my heart so I smile a lot.


Grace: Something crazy is going on in this town.

Daniel: what do you mean?

Grace: I don’t know…but I’m on a mission to find out about that and to get some Cotton Candy.


Grace: Look guys! It’s raining! Isn’t it amazing? For real life, we get to spin in the Rain!
Somedays we need a little less Us, and a little more For Real Life wisdom.

Somedays we need to see the world through the eyes of joy. And hope. Do something a little silly. Somedays we need to look at a situation with fresh perspective. Enjoy life. Live a little. Judge less…love More. Have a mission of Joy.

Somedays we just need to hold a Hand.

And look for the “Grace” in our lives…and listen.

Somedays we just need to welcome the rain.

And maybe spin in it.

We all need joy.

We all need God.

For Real Life.