I asked. You answered.


We all need a little extra.

Whether it’s about the day to day –carpool, going back to school, heading back to the gym, in finishing a project we’ve been working on for years.

Or in the big stuff…We’re not confident in our self image, in your recovery from surgery, in how people view us and our parenting.

Confidence is such a tricky thing.

I know I don’t have enough…I read all your words and I related to each one of them.

We all have a checklist and if most of us don’t reach it…we search outside.

We look for confidence with angles we take from our cameras…trick the light. Angles that show sexy and are just right. And we wait. We wait for the outside world to tell us what we long to hear.

You are beautiful.

Damn, you look good.


We write about our size, and how much we sweat and lost. We show pictures of it. Again angles that make us look better, thinner, different. And wait for the outside to tell us what we long to hear again.

You’re Amazing!

I could never look like you.


We show pictures of our children with their hair cut and clean, light hiding the peanut butter dripping off their chin, and holding up their award for being child of the decade.


But this Revolution has been eye opening to me about the Truth behind what we are searching for…

And it’s not anything you will hear from anyone who sees your life boxed up and pretty…without flaw. Without real.

Most of us, including me, used to look at those filtered lives and wish…

I wish I could look like that.

Be like that.

Parent like that.

But then I look closer. At myself.

And I choose not to compare.

I look down. At my stretch marks and my real curves. Curves that are adored by people that see me daily unfiltered. I don’t post my workouts because I’m too busy enjoying them.

And I admit it, I like when my kids have clean cut hair…I may actually love them a teeny bit more.

Does that make me superficial? No. That make me real.

I have been so inspired by the people who have stepped up and showed their real since we started this.

You keep reminding me why I started this project. Why I felt called to this revolution. And there are so many of you who email me and send me messages in private and tell me your real that doesn’t make it on here. I am so honored that this has impacted you.

It is changing me.

So Here’s to You…the real.

You may not feel confident today…but you are braver than you will ever know.

And I’m just gonna say:

Brave is the New Sexy. (Pretty sure it’s a scientific fact I just made up.)

And when you see my picture you’ll know why- because Morning Me is Super Sexy. 😉

I love the Unboxed Real You.