Today…I am really tired.

That’s real life.  That’s my Today. So my Real today will be short and simple.

I am humbled and grateful for every single one of you that reads, and comments, and supports this Revolution of Real.

Thank you for joining me.

Thank you for sharing your real.

My prayer for you, wherever you are at, tonight, is that you find Rest in who you are right now.  In your Sadness. In your Happiness. In your Grief.  In Your family. In your Poverty.  In Your Home.  In your Faith. In your Reflection. In your Real.

Your Life Matters.  So much.

And you are loved…So much.

If you want to watch a great Documentary that has been influential in our family  and in our conversation watch “One Dollar a Day” on Netflix…worth watching.

Everyone Matters.  You Matter.