I drive him crazy. I leave my cell phone volume on silent too often. And miss his calls. I never check my messages.

He drives me crazy. He can’t find his keys when I am getting ready to go somewhere. So together we look for his keys.

I drive him crazy. I love lights. I love to leave them on. The electric company loves me right back. He does not love that.

He drives me crazy. He forgets what I told him about our schedule but remembers every single birthdate of every person he has dealt with at work.

I drive him crazy. I’m always the last one to be ready for church.

He drives me crazy. He hates being late to church.

I drive him crazy. He likes me in sweatshirts and sweats.

He drives me crazy. I make him flex his arms after he lifts.

I drive him crazy. I volunteer too much, but I never stop trying. I’m not a good house keeper, but I keep our family moving. I love well but the laundry is never done.

He drives me crazy. He works harder than any person I’ve ever met, and takes care of us. And never stops loving and being present.

I drive him crazy. I call too much. I text him I love him too much. I make him come back to kiss me goodbye.

He drives me crazy. He will always apologize. He always tries to do better. He can’t stand being mad at each other.

I drive him crazy. I cry over commercials, and won’t allow him to talk when I cut his hair, and I don’t use his razor…anymore.

He drives me crazy. He’ll drop everything to help a friend out. He still whistles at me and makes up songs about his love for me, and even if they aren’t original he still sings them.

I drive him crazy. I am truly madly deeply in love with him after 19 years, 5 months, 9 days and 3 hours.

He drives me crazy. He leaves tulips in the door of my car when I leave work, and when I see his work car pretends he doesn’t see me.

But I know. That he knows. That “this” cannot be taken for granted. This love is a gift that we work hard at, this life that we build is something we have built together. We don’t always get it right, but we stay committed to our lives. To Each-other, and to our God.

I know. He knows.

He drives me crazy.