So maybe you’re just joining us…maybe you’ve noticed my Blog has been updated daily…I am on a mission. A mission to show Real. Every Wednesday I will use unfiltered real people’s pictures…brave people, who sent pictures without asking why, who allowed me to post them here. This Year is the Revolution of Real.

Brave Selfies. No show offs.

None have been filtered. Some wrote disclaimers…

“I haven’t showered in three days, but I made dinner.”

“I’m not really a selfie taker.”

“I’m having a good hair day.”

“I just went for a run.”

About a month ago I realized a fellow classmate of Micah’s Mom had a baby…we spent two months together this summer when our boys played baseball and I had NO idea she was expecting. She even showed me a picture and said “I can’t believe you didn’t notice.”

Well…can I be real?

I don’t notice people’s looks. I notice people’s hearts. I noticed she was a great Mom and so patient. I noticed she always brought extra waters for kids who forgot.

I consider it a great gift…but I also notice something else, which hasn’t always been a gift. I notice the ugliness in people. I will
meet someone and can see them, the real them.

It’s like that movie with Jack Black, Shallow Hal, I see people for who they are. Sometimes I just hate it, because people will really want me to like someone and I just can’t…because I see that they gossip, or aren’t trustworthy…I see that they use people, or take advantage. I see selfish and mean.

Because I see the ugliness in others I also see the ugliness in myself. A few months ago “a girl” did something incredibly hurtful and public to one of my dearest friends…even when I hear this persons name my skin crawls. I didn’t know her really, only through mutual groups online, so I didn’t get to meet her or see her…which is the downside of this virtual world. Because if I would’ve met her, I would’ve known and seen her- and been guarded and not been so surprised by her actions.

I need to see her…sadly, the ugliness in me hasn’t forgiven. The ugliness in me has held resentment and bitter words in my mouth. The ugliness is something I have to always work on, because I’m finding I’m not as good at forgiveness as I once was. When I was young I used to be able to brush it all off, but my own perspective and growth wants people to Try to be more…and that causes Ugly in me.

Real Ugly.

Isn’t it amazing when we share ourselves, how we feel the need to have disclaimers? Like my disclaimer that I can see people for who they are…but that means I carry a lot of ugly in me?

As if we weren’t good enough to begin. As if I’m not good enough. But I do it. Because I want to make sure you know…I have a really hard time saying Thank you when you compliment me. I have a really hard time seeing beauty in myself, because I know…I know me.

But let me be clear. These people that shared their eyes and their faces…they are beauty.

They are beautiful. And not just on the outside…they are beautiful real souls.

If you saw them on the street…you may stop and look, smile, and say hello. You may see their beauty, but I see them…and I’m blessed to see and know them.

You wouldn’t know…

That one has been taking care of a dying parent. One prays the Rosary every day for different people. One has a doctorate, but more importantly taught me how to get out of a car like Dukes of Hazzard. One is the mother of twins.

You wouldn’t see that one just got off the night shift at the hospital. One is moving. One just lost her Mom. One is in love. One hasn’t worn make up in years. One has five kids on earth and one in heaven. One used to be a firefighter. One doesn’t have any family in town.

You wouldn’t know that one is the biggest prayer warrior I know and takes care of everyone. One has adopted all her children. One has had back surgery. One is not sure if she should have another baby and hates working out.

And all don’t know how beautiful they are. How real they are.

No filters. Just real.

No Ugly. Just Lives being lived authentically. Who are so beautiful.