This week I struggled with Patience, and Kindness. I was a little envious of people with less laundry, and a couple of times I was rude. I wasn’t loving or lovely at times. On a particular unloveable moment I went to take a much needed shower and when I got out I heard the most pure sound in the world, my childrens laughter. They were watching  videos from when they were little. As all four crowded together on the couch; I saw Micah with his arm first communionloosely around Daniel’s shoulders, as Grace sat on Jonah’s lap…In that moment I saw the patience of Jonah playing a video again for Grace, I saw the kindness Daniel showed by how he was speaking, and my Micah… he radiates love.  And through all of it I saw Joy. The joy that my kids continue to teach me.  The ways they teach me to just love.

Out of all my kids, Daniel is the most like me.  He is spirited and spiritual.  He is wild and impulsive but careful as well. He’s a worrier and can speak without thinking. Is creative and would give anything to make others feel special.  All of the things about myself that I struggle with are thingsabout Daniel that make Daniel who he is. All of the things I consider my attributes are the same things that make My Daniel so incredibly special.  He longs to be a priest and serve God with his whole heart, at nine he takes this so seriously that I don’t doubt that whatever he does he will keep that in mind.  It’s not that he wants to lead a church, he just wants to serve God completely. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed. He waited a year to receive his First Communion because he felt he needed an extra year to prepare.  And at 9 he has shown more drive in everything he does then I think I’ve ever experienced in my whole 34 years.

Last night he sent me this email and I felt it was worth sharing with the world…because if only we could all be a little more like my Daniel.

1. I think there should be World Peace!

2. I think Soul Asylum’s song “Runaway Train” is the best song ever!

3. I think our family should some day all by united!

4. I think everyone should be treated the same.

5. I think every five cents spent by a person should provide 5 meals for a homeless family.

6. I think they should make a special kind of apartment complex for disabled people.

7. I think everybody in the world can make their dreams come true by working harder.

8. I think Jesus is the best person who ever has lived, and people who don’t believe in him are ALWAYS missing something.

9. I think the best kind of family is the kind who treat eachother with honor and respect.

10. I think I am the best I can be.

If only we could all wish for more. Prepare for more. More Loving. More compassionate. More driven.  And be More like my Daniel. Who is simply amazing just the way he is.  The best we can be. Just like my Daniel.