Get off your computer, look up from your phone, and look around you.  Make eye contact with people. Be present. Not just standing there…but Be There.

Don’t let the way you feel about your body and your look dictate how you live your life. Don’t hide.

Be a good friend. Return calls. Show up. Remember the People who Showed up.

Let someone else do the job.  Don’t hide behind that whole “It won’t get done right” because that just means you don’t like the way they do it.  Give up Control.  Let God be God.

Remember your soap box isn’t everyone else’s and research your soap box before you share it, post it.

Be friends with people who aren’t negative or complain about everything, because they’ll turn you into someone who is negative and complains a lot.

Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Say “I forgive you.”

Run for Office, Support a cause you believe in, Volunteer.

Support law enforcement, and schools, and bond measures for both.  Always.

Say the most honorable words that are underutilized: No.  Set Limits.

Pray for someone you don’t like.

Pray with someone you love.

Teach your children to be gracious guests and to be appreciative souls.

Dance with someone.  

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Ask someone else how They are…

Exercise. Drink Water. Eat Fruit. Sleep.

If you don’t volunteer- show up- help out, you veto the right to complain.  And that would definitely help my life.

 Apologize. And then Forgive yourself. For Good.


Rejoice in Other’s Victories.

Laugh at yourself. Laugh so hard you pee your pants. Laugh harder.

Love Others. Love Yourself.  Love Love Love God.